100th café added to the map!

Since the first café was added in March 2018, the BYO Coffee Cup map has grown rapidly. By the end of April we had added our 100th café with the addition of one of the many independent coffee shops,  No. 13 Coffee on Lewes Road.  It’s been made  easy by the incredibly positive response from café owners, some of whom have been offering discounts for a while now. It’s always great to hear that a café is offering a discount because they want to be part of the campaign.

What’s interesting is the range of offers being made to encourage reusable cups. Discounts vary from 10p to 60p and many coffee shops offer a free coffee if you buy a reusable cup from them. Only a small number have decided to levy a charge for a disposable, in the hope that people will prefer to avoid that by taking a reusable instead. In a few months time, I’ll get back to the café owners and find out how the campaign is working for them.

Not all of the places on the map are cafes and it’s been great to find other outlets where BYO is having a real impact. This year, Brighton Open Air Theatre (B.O.A.T.) started offering 50p discount on all hot drinks and wine when you bring your own cup/glass..  With a capacity of 425 seats, you can see that B.O.A.T wil reduce waste significantly and spread the message that reusable cups are worth it!

It’s great to see the BYO Coffee Cup window sticker appearing in Brighton. Hoping to get 200 of them up in Brighton & Hove pretty soon.

Window sticker at Cafe Trafe Brighton
First window ticker up at Café Trafé on Trafalgar St in Brighton.

BYO Coffee Cup does not promote a particular brand of coffee cup. We promote all brands. Anything that cuts down on waste and helps to protect our environment is worth supporting.




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