Run Around The World

Starting from 1st July, I’ll be taking part in Run Around The World, #RAtW – a great idea that encourages participation in walking or running at any level. Miles walked, or run contribute to a team total and the aim is to see if your team can run the equivalent of running around the world – just over 40, 000 km! I’ll be running for #TeamSouth. Half of the entry money goes to Mind.

I’ll update this page every day because in addition to running, I’ll be doing some plogging on the way with the aim of collecting as many disposable cups as I can in 1 month. [What’s plogging?]

31st JulyAll done - a victory for McDonalds for the most disposable cups found on the streets of Brighton. Can't wait 'til next year 🙂
30th July
26th July
25th July
24th JulyIncluded a #2minbeachclean at Portslade so a few other plastic items and mini Nitrous Oxide (laughing) gas cannisters
22nd July
21st July
20th July
18th July
17th July
15th JulyFabulous sunny day inBrighton with the added bonus of a sandy beach. I absolutely love low tide in Brighton.
14th JulyA beautiful day but a bit hot for a jog. Now desperate to get a swim in this weekend and maybe even a run on sand as v low tide about 8pm today.
13th JulySaw Sussex v Surrey tonight in the T20. Not Sussex's night but great entertainment dodging the 6s from Finch and Salt in each innings. Pleased to see that Sussex provide reusable plastic pints on a £1 deposit return scheme. That will save loads of single use plastic over the course of a season.

12th JulyWent to see fab Globe on Tour performing Twelth Night at Brighton Open Air Theatre The B.O.A.T give 50p discount when you bring your own reusable cup for hot drinks or wine.
11th JulyJust made it home in time to see England v Croatia but hadn't factored in extra time. By the time we'd all got over our disappointment - I eventually squeezed in my daily run at 3 minutes to midnight!

10th July
9th July
8th July
7th JulyRun/jog back from volunteering at parkrun this morning. After a week of running I'm getting to know the main brands of disposable cups quite well 🙂 I think this calls for a chart!
6th JulyRan up through Fiveways and Hollingbury this evening - so high up you could hear Little Mix playing at the Hove Cricket Ground.
5th July
4th July
3rd July Early morning jog around Preston park with a nice cool breeze. 5k for #teamsouth
2nd JulyShort run - 1 cup. 4km to #teamsouth
1st JulySo hot today so made it out for a 6k jog late evening. Collected a few cups but could have collected many more plastic bottles. Still - 6km for #teamsouth.

Run Around The World

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