The bad news…

Single use coffee cups are one of the “Big 4” plastic polluters – along with bottles, bags and straws. In Brighton, if I go running along the seafront or up on the South Downs, it doesn’t take long to find discarded cups. Admittedly, most people act responsibly and put their waste in bins but it is a huge waste of resources since most disposables don’t get recycled.

The good news…

Most cafés offer a discount when you take a reusable cup for takeaway drinks – the amount varies from one establishment to the next, ranging from 10p to 60p and 5% to 20%. It’s a win-win-win for coffee shops, customers and the environment. There’s a very good chance that the cost of your reusable cup will be covered by the saving you make each time you use it – especially as many cafés offer a free coffee if you buy a reusable cup from them.

The even better news…

You can find these cafés by checking out the BYO Coffee Cup map. The map shows you where the cafés are and what discount is offered. If you find a cafe that offers a discount but isn’t on the map, use the red coffe cup icon on the map to request its addition. In Brighton, in just two months, over 100 cafés joined the map,


Pete Golton


    1. Thanks for getting in contact. No- this is nothing to do with byocc.org.uk We do not sell any products but use our map to encourage coffee lovers to take a reusable cup to cafes that offer discounts when you byo coffee cup.

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